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Limeside Methodist Church

Limeside Road



Created by J. Hare

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Limeside Methodist Sunday school runs at 10:45am (the same time as the service) every Sunday, apart from the first Sunday of each month, when it is our ‘family friendly service.’ The children who attend the Sunday school are able to take part in a range of activities organised by the Sunday school teachers, the Sunday school has a fun and enjoyable feel to it but still teaches children about Christianity.

The Sunday school was very popular when the church first opened, but by the early 2000’s the numbers began to drop. So after changes where made and new teachers began to lead and teach the Sunday school numbers began to rise again in 2008.

The children of the Sunday school have created many different displays over the years based on different stories from the bible. Such as Noah’s ark, this display was created over a number of weeks with different parts of it being created each week.

For more information about the Sunday School please pop in to see us on a Sunday morning, or e-mail us at: